Gymnema Sylvestre for Diabetes

gymnema sylvestre diabetes

Natural cure for diabetes

It is common knowledge that for diabetes, consumption of sugar and carbohydrates must be monitored. However, it is not well known that there are natural herbs that can be taken to aid diabetics. Many users over the years are taking Gymnema Sylvestre for diabetes, as it has been shown to help maintain their blood glucose levels. Originating as an indian herb in the early 1900’s, Gymnema Sylvestre has shown to reduce the sugar levels in the stomach and raise insulin levels. Gymnema  promotes the  regeneration of the cells in the pancreas that secrete insulin.

How to lower blood sugar

How does it work?

When consumed as natural Gymnema Sylvestre, diabetes users can benefit from the effects of its Gymnemic Acid, which is shown to break down sugar, both in the mouth and in the stomach. Consumers also report that when chewing Gymnema Sylvestre, the sweetness in any food that is taken afterwards for 2 hours is absent. For some users, this has been indicated to reduce the desire to eat sweet meals.

How long does it take to work?
As with most herbal supplements, the effects are noticeable after 1 month. Most users report progressive results after 3 months of use.

Side effects

Research has shown that Gymnema Sylvestre may raise systolic blood pressure. However, other studies have concluded no noticeable effect. If considering taking Gymnema Sylvestre, diabetes patients who are already taking oral hypoglycemics or insulin must be careful to monitor their blood sugar levels, so they do not go to a blood sugar level that is below the normal level.

Gymnema Sylvestris

How is it sold?

For consumers of Gymnema Sylvestre, diabetes users can purchase it in the form of capsules or as a herbal tea. As always, please advise your physician if you are considering taking this herb as a supplement.