Low Sugar Foods In The Supermarket

low sugar foods supermarket

Since our last publications we have had many requests on how to find proper reduced sugar meals when going shopping. It is very easy to skip the obvious aisles like confectionery, but where would one start when filling their grocery list with good ideas?

So here we are to guide the average shopper through the aisles.

The first place most users go through in a supermarket is the fruits aisle. Skip the ones such as bananas, apples and pears. These are certainly not minimal in sugar, but if you are really craving for fruit, then we strongly recommend you put some cranberries, raspberries and blueberries into your trolley. Dried versions of these fruits make excellent substitutes. Remember to review that they have no added sucrose or fructose powder if they are dried. If you find they are not sugary enough, then you may sprinkle sugar replacement like Erythritol or Xylitol onto them.

Next is the vegetable section. This area is quite safe, and most vegetables can be purchased. Just watch your intake of potatoes and fresh corn on the cob. Needless to say anything with the word ‘sweet’ in front of it, such as sweet potatoes must be avoided.

Next is the dairy section. Skip the flavored milks as the ingredients used in them are mostly still sucrose. For the fruit yogurts, again check what sugar substitutes are used for them. None of these have small sweetness levels, especially the healthy diet fruit yogurts. If you are craving yogurt, then we would recommend buying a few tubs of plain yogurt, and adding some fruits found from the first aisle into it. Or even better, add some Erythritol or Xylitol substitutes that we have detailed on our site. Never use honey to add to yogurt. It is too syrupy, and will defeat the purpose of buying plain yogurt.

One not so obvious place to visit is the deli area of the supermarket. Many consumers skip this area, but here you will find the best source of all your health foods. Look for meats that are not over-processed, and hence high in sodium and bad fats. If you are after high-protein, also look for seafood such as fresh tuna. Remember the golden rule with seafood is that the lower down the seafood chain it is, the lower the mercury level there is. So tuna is generally a better choice for low sugar option than salmon. Also be careful of the snacks you buy from the deli section. Some crackers may look harmless, but on closer inspection you will find that many biscuits and crackers have a surprisingly high level of sweetness. There are not many choices available yet with crackers that contain sugar substitutes, but as they become available we will bring them to you here.

If you really must go down the confectionery lane, then check for anything made with the right substitutes for sugar. We still recommend Erythritol based alternatives. Read the label for Xylitol if you decide to choose them, as they may have a laxative effect.

Lastly you will hit the section with pastas, breads and processed canned meals. Be careful choosing anything over-processed like white bread which is high in carbohydrates. Always choose wholegrain or brown breads, and with pastas, you now have the choice of finding wheat free, gluten free, diet and sugar-free varieties. With canned foods, it should be easy enough to just check the label. But generally, watch out for phrases like “no added sweetness” or “naturally sweetened”. All of these just hide the fact that they are not really sucrose or fructose free in the product to begin with, and must be avoided. With cereals, always look for minimal sugar cereals in the health aisle of the supermarket. Most of the cereals where you expect them to be are usually not low sucrose at all.

Good luck shopping for your meals and remember you can always add in your own healthy sugar substitutes!