Sugar Calories

Most dieters who are conscious of their sugar intake, would normally count the calories in their meals.
Here are the relative calorific counts of the most common varieties and substitutes that can be found in health stores.

Organic Sugar

Ordinary sugar is pure sucrose and will contain on average 4 calorie per gram (c/g). This is the highest of the counts of all the substitutes listed here.

Palm Sugar

This common sugar has the highest calorific count of any sugar replacement, as it mostly consists of sucrose. Typical values range from 3 to 4 c/g. Use in moderation of you are taking it for your recipes or desserts.


Pyre honey on average contains 3 c/g. They are high in fructose, and are considered sweeter than ordinary sugar. The advantage of honey is that it contains a small amount of minerals and vitamins (such as B6 and niacin), and protein. It also acts as an antioxidant, making them the most nutritional sugar substitutes.

Agave Nectar

Agave nectar is also primarily sucrose and fructose, so contains as much calories as table sugar, weighing in at about 2.8 calories per gram.


These sugar substitutes have about 2.5 cal per gram. For a sweetener to have almost the exact taste to sugar, this is quite a good alternative.

Stevia Sweeteners

Stevia has virtually no calorific value (less than 0.2 cpg) and can be considered zero calories. If you are not concerned with the slight bitter taste, these can be a great choice as sugar alternatives.


Erythritol also has virtually zero calorific value (less than 0.2 cal/gram). This makes them an excellent choice as sweeteners for your recipes and drinks.