Tiramisu Dessert using Sugar Substitutes

One of the things I love the most is coffee. It wakes me up in the morning, but it also helps get me by the day as well. However, there is one thing even better than the bean itself, and that is when it is in my dessert!

sugar sweeteners tiramisu
So here it is, my special tiramisu dessert, without the use of sugar to make it even more healthy!

This recipe will not take long to make at all. In fact, it is so easy to make, you could even consider it a quick snack.

The ingredients you will need:

500 g of low fat mascarpone cheese, which is generally 25% low fat anyway
400 ml of strong coffee. the type of preparation depends on your taste. I prefer to make mine from a shot of espresso. However, you may prefer to brew it over a pot americano style. All up to you and how strong you want the caffeine taste to appear in the tiramisu.
200g packet of savoiardi biscuits, or as they call it, ladyfinger biscuits.
70g of sugar free dark chocolate, preferably with substituted Erythritol
3 tbs of sugar replacement. I prefer to use powdered Erythritol.

1) Mix the mascarpone cheese with the sugar substitutes in a mixing bowl. You can either do this manually with a mixing stick, or automatically with an electric mixer. Do this until it is soft and then put it aside.

2) Pour the caffeinated mixture in a large bowl. Quickly dip half the biscuits into it and then place them onto a flat dish.

3) Bring back the cheese mix and spread half of it over the ladyfingers

4) Dip the remaining half of the biscuits into the coffee mixture, and then place them on top of the cheese mix.

5) Complete the dessert, by putting a final layer of mascarpone on top of the savoiardi.

6) Cover it with cling wrap, and then put it into the fridge and leave overnight.

7) Grate the sugar free dark chocolate, and sprinkle on top as added sweetness, and serve!

Enjoy this quick and easy recipe using sugar substitutes!